Pre-Created features in 3DHive are generally considered to be any large object which has a major visual impact on your world. All of these pre-created features are textured (meaning they have colour and other stuff) and have colliders (meaning the player can run into them without being swallowed up like some swamp monster from the realm of James Cameron’s Avatar). The Pre-Created features in 3DHive can be broken up into Structures and Tiles. Hold up if you want an explanation.


Structures are inherent objects found within themes to further add realism to the world or time period it represents. If you had chosen a theme like ancient rome or three rivers, you might have been surprised to find giant pillars and arches in your world or a massive river flowing through it or even a little castle here and there. Structures are found in most levels within varying degrees of frequency and are effective in distinguishing the purposes of these levels. Just remember that a structure cannot be deleted from the level, they are entwined in ways incomprehensible to mankind, similar to the Internet and cats.

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Placing Tiles

Remember the Tile Library from one chapter ago It contains over 300 ready-made tiles, each with its very own sense of realism and creativity to reinforce that element of liveliness in your virtual world.

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To place a tile, you first need to choose one. Bear in mind that most tiles are kept in corresponding groups and are best used only in certain scenarios. Select it by clicking on it. The tile you have selected should come up in the box next to the mini map in the top-right corner.

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Now simply click on the map, in the area you want to place the tile you selected. The mini-map window allows you to zoom into a specific area on the mini-map. You can achieve this by double-clicking on the blue box, and repeat that to zoom back out. You can also drag the blue box around too focus in on others areas of the mini-map without having to zoom out and zoom in again.   

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If you get a bit too crazy with the tile placing, a message might pop up telling you that you have reached the tile limit for that level. The tile limit varies between levels as some might have many space-clogging structures. Generally the limit is around 100 - 150 tiles. 

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