So you finally did it. You created your game, placed your items and NPCs in the world and previewed the game. You rushed towards your NPC, your eyes glinting with anticipation. You sprint as fast as you can and... Nothing happens.

If you don’t see a little circle, you haven’t enabled something called the Radial Menu. 

The Radial wha....?

What’s the Radial Menu, I hear you ask? Well, the Radial Menu is a circular menu that should appear when you approach a character or item.

To use the Radial Menu, the first thing you need to do is enable it. To do so, go to the Game Settings Editor under Game in the main menu. 

Radial Menu Disabled

Tick that to enable it.

Radial Menu Enabled

Once the Radial Menu has been enabled, you should see a circular menu pop-up in game when you approach an item or NPC, as below.



How do we navigate this menu though? Very simply. All you need to use are two keys; 1 and 2. Yes the two at the top of your keyboard. Pressing 2 will cycle through the available options, while pressing 1 will select an option.

Radial Menus can be used to allow a player to choose between conversing with a character, trading with them, or playing a minigame that is attached to them. It can also be used for storing items in certain houses, or to mount items onto the player’s avatar.