Scheduling A GameEdit

Scheduling A Game

1. Go to: to access the login panel.

2. Click Login to open the login panel.

3. Select Teacher from the dropdown selection.

4. Credentials for teachers will usually be allocated to the teacher's e-mail id.

5. Enter your own id.

6. Enter password as given by the school admin.

7. Click the Sign in button.

8. If you have forgotten the password, please click Forgot Password. Enter your email address in the text box and click Submit to receive a new password.

Create New Game SessionEdit

Scheduling Booking6

Successful authentication will take you to the Manage Bookings page. All previous bookings that are active (game schedules that are yet to begin) will be displayed in this page. If no bookings are active, the page will be empty.

1. Click on "Create New Booking" to schedule a game. The popup window will appear for scheduling the game session.

Scheduling Booking3

2. Select the following:

a. Date: From the calendar, select a date. This is the date of the game session.
b. Ti​me: Select from the hours, minutes and am/pm of the relevant dropdown lists. This is the time the game will start.
c. Duration: Select a duration for the game from the Duration dropdown list. This is how long the game will be played. The shortest duration of a game is 30 mins and the longest is 2 hrs 30 mins.
d. Invite a Class: Select the class that will be playing the game from the list of classes available.

3. Next, Upload a Lesson File: Click on Choose File button to open the explorer window and select the game .zip file. The zip file is generated when you export your game from the 3D Hive Builder.

4. Click Upload to upload the file to the server. Wait until you receive the message, Lesson file uploaded successfully, please proceed to create booking.

Scheduling Booking4

5. Click on the Create button to complete the game scheduling process.

6. Upon successful creation of a game session, the booking will appear on the Manage Bookings page.

Managing BookingsEdit

1. The bookings or schedules created can be edited or deleted. 

2. Any booking can be edited to change the time, duration, date or having the game file to be replaced. 

3. The system will not allow editing of games within the next 48 hrs, but you can delete the booking and create new one. 

4. Schedules that cannot be edited will be grayed and the Edit button will be disabled.

Scheduling Booking9