A NPC is basically any character that is not you or sentient, but rather an abomination of pixels that strive to confound you in every way possible. They have numerous functions in the game world and help flesh it out in every way possible. Every game needs an enemy you can fight or a friend that gives you items and information. 3DHive allows you to create NPCs that can behave in a number of ways with you through simple programming.

Creating a NPC

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NPCs at the most basic are avatars which aren’t controlled by you, so go to the avatar menu and create a new avatar with the stats you require. If you want to use the same avatar you used for yourself to make some sort of weird twin standoff, that’s fine too.

Ensure that you give it a name that is different from the rest of your avatars and then hit save. And reach the stage where you have a fresh unused avatar in your avatar library.

Keep in mind that a NPC is not an avatar but instead a trigger that links an avatar to it. So go to the Logic Editor and create a new Spawn Trigger.

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A spawn trigger is required as we need the NPC to spawn somewhere in the world. Under Select A Spawn Trigger, choose character.

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Like any other trigger, you will need to attach a linked item to it. In this case, it will open up your entire Avatar Library to choose from.

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Under the Select Spawn Regeneration Time, you can alter the amount of time the avatar takes to come back into the game after he or she is killed. If during the creation of the avatar though, you give him or her only one life, this changing this option will have no effect.

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You can use the “Select an NPC Roaming Option” to determine how your non-player character will interact with its surroundings - that is, whether it moves around randomly in the world, or simply stays idle.

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The next tab allows you to add media to your NPC in the form of mini-games, images and URLs. If you are itching to figure out how mini-games work, then head on down to the next section covering that. 

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Check and action conditions are once again found here and may just be their most vital use. 

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NPCs can also be assigned teams if you want to have group based combat or something like that. Select which team you want to assign a NPC to from a list of all teams previously. 

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After clicking save, your NPC will be a part of your Trigger Library, allowing you to place them at your will.

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