Please follow these instructions to join a multiplayer game hosted on 3DHive. Concurrent Login to 3DHive is not a problem(40 students login at once).Its does not slow the network connection. This is the stage where players enter their user ids and passwords to login to 3DHive.

Playing MultiplayerEdit

When joining a hosted game session after login to 3DHIVE, it is advised to stagger the joining of the game at different times. For eg. Having rows or clusters of 4 players(computers) join a game successfully first. A successful connection to the game means that the players have selected their avatars and have entered the game. Subsequently, another 4 players can join the game until the entire class has joined the game.

Things to take note ofEdit

The average time taken for each cluster would be maximum 2 mins. If a class of 40 is playing , the average time taken for the whole class to join the game would be around 10 mins. There are no issues with any number of players quitting the game at any point in time.